Wall Mounted KNX Outdoor Microwave Multi Sensor

Wall Mounted KNX Outdoor Microwave Sensor includes 4 independent logic blocks and 1 combined logic block, the logic relation can be “AND” “OR”, logic input conditions can be the condition of LUX sensor, microwave sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, dry contact, external telegram.

Main Functions:

• The multi-function motion sensor has 5 logic function blocks and can be set the logical relation AND/OR, Each with 10 output objects. The work mode includes single-mode and Master & Slave mode.

• The multi-function motion sensor can report movement status, and Lux status to the KNX system.

• The multi-function motion sensor supports constant brightness output.

• It can be used for Switch Control, Absolute dimming control, Shutter Control, Alarm control, Percentage control, Sequence control, Scene control, String(14 bytes) control, Threshold control, and Logic combination.

• With the function of constant brightness: keeping the Lux in the constant value, will dim the lights to the corresponding intensity according to the surrounding brightness.

• The logic validity can be set by external telegram, enabling the end-user to enable or disable the preset logic.

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ITR411-0002 // Wall Mounted KNX Outdoor Microwave Sensor

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