IPP Poland Dealer Visit
perjantai 5. maaliskuuta 2021

Interra, doing positive work in smart home systems in Turkey and abroad, are getting quality results. With its wide service network, it also contributes to the growth of the sector and enables the quality of life to increase. It is also the leader in the sector with the quality of Interra products which help to create a comfortable usage especially in areas such as home and hotel. Accordingly, Interra has dealers abroad. It also offers necessary training to its dealers on a regular basis and accordingly increases your sales in the right proportion. A successful training period was spent with the visit of the Polish dealers, and the employees of the dealers were provided with the necessary training information on smart home systems.

Dealer Training

With the visit of the Interra Poland dealer, the country has closely followed the technological development used and has also included research on what can be done. In addition, the process of smart home technology and the introduction of products have been successfully carried out to the employees in the field of dealer training. Smart home systems are offered to the sector with the latest technological equipment. As a result of the technical training given to the Polish dealer, all the remaining questions were answered. Interra increases its growth in the sector accordingly and acquires new dealers abroad.

Training Contents

The technical contents of the products are also included in the training contents given to the Polish dealer. A detailed presentation was made about how to use the products related to the related smart home technology. As a result of the training provided, the formation of a specialized staff was ensured. In addition, the necessary presentation was made within the professional framework regarding the service content of the products.

Interra dealers continue to visit their products to other countries and take the power of domestic capital to an advanced level.